Information is the Pulse of your facility. 

Due to the shift in the Design and Construction Industry from 2D CAD to BIM, owners are receiving more valuable information than ever.  The “Pulse” idea is to partner with the owner’s facility professionals during the design using their knowledge to influence long-term costs.  A BIM standard is needed to access the value of the information generated.

By creating a successful Design-to-Facility Management solution, the Building Owner will benefit from:

• BIM deliverables that meet their standards

• Facility related information in a single place

• Utilize a 3D database with easy to find information

• Access up-to-date as-built information

• Tracking equipment and assets in a relevant way

• Incorporate future projects directly into this new workflow

Offering Services In:

RPA Pulse Information Management BIM IInformation Management

Is the practice of gathering existing information about the equipment and facility, while also creating standards for future projects to deliver  the information in a desired format.


Model ManagementRPA Pulse Model BIM Management

Provides owners the ability to build current facilities in BIM while understanding and reviewing the projects currently being developed. The owner’s knowledge of BIM should not dictate whether project teams are delivering their projects within a BIM deliverable.


Facility Management
RPA Pulse Facility Management BIM

Is a combination of Information and Model Management. Taking all of this data and placing it within facility management software, owners gain a 3D database that will save them time and money in their daily operations.